Custom showers


Custom showers add that something extra that could work for you

Choosing the perfect bathroom tile is a great accomplishment, but custom showers add a little something extra that makes all the difference. Choose materials, features, and specific customizations that cater to your every need and preference, creating an experience like no other. Take time to read along here to learn even more about this service and what it can do for you.

Find a shower tile that works in your bathroom

Shower tile offers plenty of variety in visuals and performance alike, with materials that work well in a wide variety of homes. Whether you have children and guests or are a single homeowner, you'll find materials that cater to each need and everyone in between. We even utilize Schluter Systems, which can turn an average shower installation into one that will last for decades.

Customizing your showers can mean a wealth of things to different homeowners. For instance, if you need systems that cater to complete moisture control and leak protection, Schluter is an excellent choice with a reputation to match. We also cater to durability, format, and visual appeal requirements, offering materials that cater to all these.

If you plan to sell your home at any time, a customized shower can yield more, as it increases the value of your home, especially when using tile as the primary building material. Schluter products increase that value even more, as the name is as reputable as the products once they are in place. If you would like to discuss even more great benefits of these materials, feel free to visit us and speak with a design consultant at any time.



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We cater to your need for the perfect shower installation

Runnels Carpet & Tile is a great place to schedule a professional shower installation that includes all the personalizations you want and need. Our associates are experienced in this field and have helped create the perfect space for many homeowners, just like you. Take the time to speak with us today to find out what’s available to you.

From our Henderson, TX showroom, we provide products and services to residents from Henderson, TX, Joinerville, TX, Turnertown, TX, Church Hill, TX, Jacobs, TX, Price, TX, New London, TX, Fair Play, TX, Minden, TX, and Carthage, TX. We look forward to the opportunity to cater to your needs as well and look forward to hearing about your requirements and preferences. We will provide the materials and shower installation for any size remodel, so be sure to visit us today to get started.